Taku Haerenga | My Journey

Essential oils have played a big part in my families life these last couple of years. Mid-year 2018, there was a Tertiary Māori Student Association Conference held in Palmerston North. Having the conference held around the wonderful season of Winter, and in the beautiful four seasoned Palmerston North, some students were getting sick. So my beautiful Māmā thought of making oil blends, oil rubs, and throat sprays for all of the attended association. There, i was encouraged and supported by my association, Te Waiora, to make use of what resources i have to support people. Keeping in mind that these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, but instead to support the body.

Here, was the establishment of Iho. You may wonder what Iho means, and where did i get the idea from? The name Iho came from the saying ‘He Taonga Tuku Iho.’ I then realised that ‘Iho’ was also a part of the saying ‘Iho Matua’ which means philosophy/core. Te Reo Māori having many meanings to one word, i was curious to know what other meanings there were for ‘Iho.’ To my surprise it also means, heart, essence, inner core, essential quality, and nature. I found this word to be the most perfect name for my business and my oils. Not only because they are sourced from nature, but because they are pure essential quality.